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Road Map




Our primary goal is to ensure that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founding leader of the Republic of Turkey, a modern thinker, soldier, statesman, scientist, rational and innovative person, reaches more people in the world. We want to tell his life story and inspire humanity with his different, modern and extraordinary dressing style from his childhood until his death.

Turkish people say that they will love their ancestors forever. That's why we created our logo with the infinity symbol. Our NFTs are created digitally with oil paint and mixed techniques. By using these and similar techniques, we aim to produce approximately 50 NFTs related to Atatürk in 2022. Atatürk started his struggle against imperialism in the city of Samsun on May 19, 1919. This date represents rebirth for us. So NFTs are symbolically sold at 0.1919 eth. If our project reaches its goal in a short time with your support, we are planning to produce 100 NFTs. In addition, we plan to create unique and extraordinary pieces in the collection with surprise NFT visuals in the process.

A portion of the income from NFT sales will be donated to Darüşşafaka, which helps orphaned children to study and shelter and other identified public institutions as a social responsibility. In addition, donations will be made to national or international institutions that have been accepted as supervised on issues related to global warming and the environment. Donations will be announced on the web and social media pages.


At certain times, related to the series but different and extraordinary designs without NFT designs prepared in series will be offered for sale as a surprise.


If our project achieves its goals and becomes open to development, we will prepare innovative content according to the decisions we make with our team and suggestions from you. Such as content with music, videos, etc. that excites us even now.


Please contact us for your comments, suggestions and offers. Thank you, have a nice shopping.

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